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Sep. 9th, 2007

Last Time - Brokeback Ocean

Entry 6


1. I feel like crap
2. *is tackled by Mercer* umf!
3. Sex

Sep. 8th, 2007

Beckett drinking

Entry 5


1. Well things seem to going better with Mercer than I thought they would.
2. Greitzer is bitter about the entire affair - can't say i blame him
3. Norrington is an ass.
4. M. called me by my first name.
       - Why?
       - What is he trying to say?
       - Does he forgive me for all this?
                - doubtful

- C.B.

[I love how no one really knows what Mercer does - in fanfics, RPGs etc it's always "let Mercer get back to...whatever it is he does" And Mercer and Beckett - in the RPG - are being fuzzy. So adorable I want to squish them!]

Sep. 7th, 2007

Never Shall We Die

Entry 4


Well, I seem to be in somewhat better spirits than the other day. I suppose getting over the shock of finding myself on a boat full of assorted sea food dishes was a bit of a shock.

I still need to speak with Greitzer, and Mercer for that matter. Though I should have a chance soon, once the chaos dies down. There has got to be a way off this...thing.

1. My pride didn't shatter too much when I seceded control of the crew to Norrington who is, I must admit, much more adept at it than I am.
2. I've been meaning to ask for years - what is with Mercer's obsession with rats? Did he get trapped in a grain bin* as a child?
3. Every inch of my body aches.

I suppose I must make the best of it. If I ever get off this, thing, I shall have to write a novel. About my life. Fictional of course. I would make a fortune .

[*grain bins, back then, you open the top and shovel out the grain for your animals - kids, being small, often have to stand on a stool/chair and if you fall in the lid will close on you. Of course there are various creatures living in the grain bin - one being rats. Who, as you all know, are quite nasty little buggers. It was not unheard of for kids to fall into such things.]

Sep. 6th, 2007

Never Shall We Die

Entry 3


I hate boats. I hate Turner. I need a drink. a hard one preferably.

1. Norrington and I were not meant to ever work together within 10 meters of each other
2. Norrington is a pompous ass
3. Mercer is Turner's dogsbody - how degrading
4. I'm ready for a mutiny - any time now
5. Why am I taking order from Mercer?


Sep. 5th, 2007

Never Shall We Die

Entry 2

[This is kept on Beckett's person - not easily procured - good luck] -17__

1. Interesting side effects of death
2. Mercer is back. Good God how will I survive? I barely managed back then, and I had social propriety to help me.
3. Greitzer is here as well. Good.
4. Turner - thou disease of a fiend
5. I hate boats
6. I miss custard pie. Sounds like such a trivial thing but when one is stuck on a ship full of dead people and raw sea food one starts to miss the finer things in life.
7. If Mercer...dies (I am, at the current moment lacking a better word) again I shall do something very painful to whoever is responsible
8. I hate keeping journals

Never Shall We Die

September 2007




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