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Last Time - Brokeback Ocean

Entry 6


1. I feel like crap
2. *is tackled by Mercer* umf!
3. Sex


What is this rubbish?

[Different handwriting than Beckett's]
Mercer stop reading my journal!
W  hy

I'll k  e ep wri ting anywa   y
Mercer! *exacerbated sigh*
F     i  ne.

*Drops journal on your lap*

I did not need that mental image, Mr. Beckett.
How did you get my journal? *glares*
During the sex. You left it out.
And then you forgot to put it back when you were finished.

I was not spying
Captain, is this a bluff? I had absolutely no part in what you speak of.
Then I did not need to know about Mr. Beckett's over-active sexual imagination.
You need not read my journal!
But your new undead life is so fascinating, choice of sexual partners aside.
*dry* I'm sure it is Captain. Just as your getting drunk is most fascinating.
I was not drunk, merely having an entertaining chat with Mr. Groves, the quarrel simply interrupted our chat.
Then the wig...was a new fashion statement? I assure you Captain, we are hardly in a place where fashion matters.
...mm, not quite. More just...a send up of sorts.
aww so your thing is wig kink then.
Truly now, if you are so keen to know, we were just having a lively chat about yourself.
And that required a wig on your head how?
The proper effect, of course.
Of course. Yet for some reason I am tempted not to believe you.
You needn't believe me, I am merely answering your question. It was certainly much funnier when drunk.
Never Shall We Die

September 2007



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